Fair sailing, sweet MacBook!

So tomorrow, my dear three year old MacBook – the first of the teeny tiny ones – goes in to get its battery replaced. This of course is an Apple service only thing, because it’s not just one unit, it’s several, all placed around a teeny tiny motherboard.

I have absolutely loved this machine. It’s not just that it’s teeny and tiny and weight almost nothing: it’s that three years in, despite only having a Core M processor which was low performance at the time, it still does everything that I want to do, and does it well. It’s never felt like I can’t rely on it, even when I’ve connected it to a 4K display and asked it to drive it at full resolution (it does, and does it well).

When I get it back, its battery life should get bumped up from the couple of hours I currently get to somewhere between six and eight, and all at the price of a couple of hundred quid. That will mean it can last me for perhaps another two years before it becomes too old to do the things I want. By the time it finally retires, it will probably have lasted me six years. That’s a pretty good innings for a computer, given how much I hammer them.

Downstairs in the amazing second hand bookshop in Whitstable, the walls are partly covered in old dust jackets.

I’m super happy that not only is Instapaper available again for European customers, but it’s back as an independent subscription service. It’s hard to put my finger on why, but I’ve always preferred it to Pocket.

I'm hoping that Paul Thurrott is wrong about the Pixelbook 2

If this is right then I think Google is making a big mistake. The first Pixelbook is my current go-to laptop for many reasons, but one is that it balances tablet and laptop functionality incredibly well. It’s an excellent laptop. But it’s also a good (if not iPad-quality) tablet too.

The only thing that I would change – as, I suspect, would everyone – is the bezels, which are quite thick. Even then, I wouldn’t reduce them to nothing, as having a piece of screen space you can grip without triggering something on screen is very handy.