Downstairs in the amazing second hand bookshop in Whitstable, the walls are partly covered in old dust jackets.

I’m super happy that not only is Instapaper available again for European customers, but it’s back as an independent subscription service. It’s hard to put my finger on why, but I’ve always preferred it to Pocket.

I'm hoping that Paul Thurrott is wrong about the Pixelbook 2

If this is right then I think Google is making a big mistake. The first Pixelbook is my current go-to laptop for many reasons, but one is that it balances tablet and laptop functionality incredibly well. It’s an excellent laptop. But it’s also a good (if not iPad-quality) tablet too.

The only thing that I would change – as, I suspect, would everyone – is the bezels, which are quite thick. Even then, I wouldn’t reduce them to nothing, as having a piece of screen space you can grip without triggering something on screen is very handy.