2019-02-03: My sunlight. Mine.

2019-01-20: Land of the gianta

2019-01-20: Seaside

2019-01-20: You just don’t get luncheons anymore. Except here.

2019-01-20: Arts and stuff

2019-01-20: My chair. Mine.

2019-01-20: My sun. Mine.

2019-01-19: Happy cat

2019-01-05: Disappointing MiniMilk.

2018-12-31: “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die”

2018-12-30: Yes.

2018-12-28: Bloody great to get away, bloody great to get home

2018-12-27: #nofilter

2018-12-25: Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you… The cold roast potato sandwich.

2018-12-25: There are two of us.

2018-12-23: Road trip!

2018-12-23: Merry Christmas

2018-12-22: Night Sight on the Pixel 3 XL is well into uncanny valley photography.

2018-12-21: Does what it says on the plate.

2018-10-29: Fair sailing, sweet MacBook! So tomorrow, my dear three year old MacBook – the first of the teeny tiny ones – goes in to get its …



2018-10-11: Tate. Britain.

2018-10-05: You can’t complain too much about a world that has this view in it #nofilter

2018-09-29: Cat and Kim

2018-09-25: Well that’s some sky #nofilter

2018-09-23: Downstairs in the amazing second hand bookshop in Whitstable, the walls are partly covered in old …

2018-09-23: Sunday roast at revival. I may never move again.

2018-09-23: I am against this.

2018-09-21: I don’t deserve this woman.

2018-09-16: Ightham Mote

2018-09-16: Camden stoner bear.

2018-08-28: Idiots.

2018-08-28: haircut. Shave impending.

2018-08-08: Happy Kim

2018-08-08: Well that really is quite some notch

2018-08-07: I’m super happy that not only is Instapaper available again for European customers, but it’s back as …

2018-07-30: I'm hoping that Paul Thurrott is wrong about the Pixelbook 2 If this is right then I think Google is making a big mistake. The first Pixelbook is my current …

2018-07-19: Much as I love my iPad and Mac, my favourite computer of the moment just has to be the Pixelbook.

2018-07-15: The cherry eating was very tiring.

2018-07-15: This was quite yummy

2018-07-15: Kite

2018-07-15: Apples #nofilter

2018-07-15: Happy

2018-07-15: Stone baked pizza

2018-07-15: Snake! Snake!

2018-07-15: Happy pizza face

2018-07-06: Pretty green

2018-07-06: Pretty green

2018-07-06: my ideal job - canal weed cleaner.

2018-07-05: Kim has discovered cosmic anti-dust. Should we let physicists know?

2018-06-27: African violets

2018-04-30: A quick review of the Brydge Keyboard for iPad Sometimes, the form of the laptop is exactly what you need. And for those times, if you have an …

2018-04-29: The joy of USB-C: I now have a desk setup where I can swap my MacBook for my Pixelbook and only have …

2018-04-28: A UK bank’s IT systems have basically melted down. I’m not at all surprised: banking systems are …

2018-04-28: Kim was not impressed with “Avengers: Infinity War”. The most depressing film I’ve ever seen, she …

2018-04-22: amzn.eu “What he wanted was the truth, observed Loftus, and if somebody didn’t know …

2018-04-22: Kim, smiling

2018-04-22: Revival Ice Cream Revival Ice Cream. We didn’t have ice cream.

2018-04-22: And she finds the perfect cat-sized square of sun

2018-03-31: The cat has made a nest

2018-03-18: Sonos One or Apple HomePod? I’ve been using a Sonos One with Alexa and a HomePod with Siri since the HomePod came out, and …

2018-03-11: Yeah, you know what? That HomePod ad - The Verge is really good. Really, really good.

2018-03-11: Outstanding writing from William Davies on the Tory vision of Brexit.

2018-03-05: Well now. Russia moving from cyber ops to poisoning people in Britain’s streets, it seems

2018-03-03: I am inordinately excited about the upcoming release of Omnifocus. Although I’ve been using …

2018-03-01: Things people don’t understand about Kent: in winter, North Kent can be very, very cold. A north …

2018-02-28: It looks super pretty, but…

2018-02-27: The snow hit Kent today.

2018-02-26: Goddamnit “Halfway Home” remains an utterly amazing song itunes linky

2018-02-25: The perils of professional writing I realised today that writing professionally (for 23 years!) has, in some ways, stunted my writing. …

2018-02-23: In a free democracy, you are entitled to change your mind #brexit

2018-02-22: I still don’t see why everyone’s gushing about progressive web apps as a “write …

2018-02-22: “Hey, Siri” is the number one thing that I’d like AirPods to do, so it’s no surprise …

2018-02-22: AirPods don't fit me well, but I still love them I’ve been using AirPods since the first pre-production units went out to reviews (and were …

2018-02-19: Folkestone sky

2018-02-09: Lord, the HomePod sounds good.

2018-02-08: Listening to the Windows Weekly Podcast, and there’s a lot of enthusiasm for PWA. To me, it just …

2018-02-08: This is just evil. Don’t they know I’m dieting?

2018-02-08: Although I have been on a Twitter break for a couple of weeks, this article was the inspiration both …

2018-02-08: I met John Perry Barlow at the launch party for gay.com in SF in maybe 1998 or 1999. Owen Thomas …

2018-02-08: I’m on a Twitter break (which I suspect will become permanent so of course I’m trying out …